About Me

Dr. Ahmet Karaçam

I attended İstanbul Kabatas High School and received my medical diploma at İstanbul Medical Faculty. Aside from my active role in the government and private institutions, I worked as a manager, management representative and I worked on quality management systems.

I participated in many national and international certificate programmes, seminars, symposiums and workshops on Medical Cosmetic Procedures, Integrative Medicine, Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures and Healthy Living.

My general approach to medical cosmetic procedures is to maintain a natural look by prolonging youth for a long time only by little touch-ups. While doing this I take into consideration the ease of the procedure, a short recovery or the procedure requiring no recovery and the procedure having no considerable risks.

Lifestyle change programs to avoid health related complaints and illnesses is my field of interest.

In short, for prolonging youth and aging healthily I have been offering a mix of treatments constituted by integrative medicine, lifestyle change programs and medical cosmetics in my private clinic for over 10 years.

Dr. Ahmet Karaçam